A career in football takes a lot more than being a great player – and our course, delivered by a former pro-footballer-turned-coach and other sports coaches will reveal what you’ll need to know to navigate your career and manage your reputation.

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Football is a world currency – spoken in every language. Forging a career in the sport requires not just skill in the game, but also many others too.
Footballers need to be team players, able to cope with pressure, grounded and know how to deal with the highs and lows their career will bring. The days when you’re winning, playing well, enjoying it and doing great things can be poles apart from the days when injury strikes, you’re on the bench and the sport you love is out of reach. From playing to behaviour on and off the field, reputation, the media and social media, our course covers it all.

Our course is written by and delivered by people who have lived, breathed, loved and lost in football. They’ve worn the strip, collected the caps and will share their past successes and failures with you.

It’s a game of two halves – and like football itself, everything around it can also be divided down the middle too. Match-fit or injured; happy in your career or unhappy; well-received by the media or not; squeaky clean on social media or caught out by a past post.

Our course will help you to see both sides and give you the advice from those who have experienced it, to make your way through the sport with your head held high.


  • Advice for young players
  • Pressure in football
  • Teamwork
  • Friendships
  • Staying in the moment – not looking too far ahead
  • Support available
  • Reputation
  • Behaviour
  • Social media
  • The media
  • Life after football
  • Coaching


Delivered by a former professional player-turned-coach, you’ll find out everything that goes on away from the pitch and learn from his expertise to create a great career of your own.


Football has been in his blood throughout his career – from playground knock-abouts, to school tournaments, club games, county level, national and international levels.
He knows how to be a good team player on and off the pitch and he’ll share all he knows about staying on top of your game professionally and reputationally.


We won’t be having a kick around but what we will do, is hear from our expert, have discussions, go through some practical tasks and look at the world of football to see how good it can be when it’s going well and the consequences when it’s not.

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Sharing what we know to provide knowledge and sound advice


Shining a light on opportunities and ideas


Giving the best we can to help young people take their next steps