Mental health wise

Mental health is so important and our experts can tell you more about why, how to stay on top of it and what to do if things go wrong.

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Mental health is so important to keep us happy and healthy. Mental health and physical
health are inextricably linked to one another. If you break your leg you’ll also usually feel a
bit sorry for yourself and if you’re depressed, physical symptoms may also appear.

Knowing how to look after our health, how to spot when things aren’t quite right and what to do if we need to recover are really useful to know from when you are young.

Life can be a rollercoaster, taking us on highs and lows, into lovely situations and great experiences, but also sometimes into darker days too.

Knowing how to deal with either end of the spectrum, building resilience and the ability to take stock, be pragmatic and move forward are great skills to have.


  • Self-care
  • Mental health best practice
  • Healthy body
  • Building resilience
  • Healthy mind
  • The signs of poor mental health
  • Where and when to seek help
  • Who to turn to when things aren’t right
  • Dealing with traumatic experiences
  • Gaining confidence

The brain is complicated and we’re all different, but learning our triggers for happiness, unhappiness, depression or elation can help us to navigate through life.


There’s nothing that can’t be asked – the field of mental health is vast and can seem daunting or confusing, but our experts are here to give you the facts and help you to understand what you need to know.


Our experts are in the thick of it, living, breathing, working within, experiencing and recovering from, mental health issues.

We have experts across the health profession, people who have experienced trauma and can share their story and ongoing recovery, plus others who have suffered mental breakdowns and can let you know that you can come out the other side.


We want you to take away some great tips that stay with you for life. You’ll be given loads of information, but also know why you should take care of your mental health too and not just do it as a process.

Every single question can be asked – it if helps you to understand and build confidence and resilience, we will answer it!




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