Whether you’re travelling, looking for a career, your next steps in education, need some help with your mental health and wellbeing or have a passion for sport, we’re here to provide you with professionals who have been there and done it – and are still doing it.


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Mental health underpins everything in life and knowing from a young age how to nurture your mental health, maintain it, build resilience and coping mechanisms will help you at every stage of life’s ups and downs.

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Whether you’re thinking about travelling and need some help to go or already have your sights set on the adventure, we can help you to gain the confidence to go and get prepared for when you set off.

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Personal and business finance – our experts will help you to understand and navigate the financial world, giving you options and suggestions for how to manage money and keep out of trouble.

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A career in football takes a lot more than being a great player – and our course, delivered by a former pro footballer-turned-coach will reveal what you’ll need to know to navigate your career and manage your reputation.


Our courses are designed with the future in mind. Arming our young people with information, inspiration, knowledge and confidence to go out in the world and see what it has to offer.

Whether you’re a parent looking for help to prepare your young charge for a gap year or the start of their career, a school, college, university or club, our experts are here to answer any question they can.

Sometimes, there isn’t someone around you who can give your young people the information they need, take their questions to or let them know the facts about a job, industry, experience or challenge. That’s where our bio bank comes in.

We’ve got experts from various industries, of multiple nationalities and backgrounds, at different stages of their careers, with an array of qualifications, skills, specialisms, areas of expertise and of course, a keenness to pass it on, share it with young people and give them a springboard into their future.
We think we’ve got most areas covered but if we need to find a specific expert for you, we will.


You can have one of our experts visit you to meet with your young people, share their life story, answer questions, start a discussion with and create a safe place to really get to grips with learning about their area of knowledge.

Questions can be sent in advance to help our expert prepare for you and they will of course, answer lots more then they’re with you too.


Courses delivered virtually are our most flexible and easy to access version. We work with you to find out which topic you’d like.

You may have already selected your expert from our bio bank or we could help you to choose who would be the most suitable for you.

We invite the teacher or leader to collect questions from your young people which you then ask one of our experts during an online meeting.

Questions can be sent in advance to help our expert prepare for you and they will of course, answer lots more WHEN they’re with you too.




Sharing what we know to provide knowledge and sound advice


Shining a light on opportunities and ideas


Giving the best we can to help young people take their next steps