Whether you’re thinking about travelling and need some help to go or already have your sights set on the adventure, we can help you to gain the confidence to go get prepared and set off.

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A gap year or holiday should be something to look forward to but when a young person is heading out into the world on their own, good advice and guidance are needed to fill them
with confidence and arm them with all they need to know before they go.

Some young people are raring to go – and we’ll help to give them some sensible advice; others may feel like it’s something they could never do and these are the young people we want to inspire, to let them know that they can and will travel competently and confidently.

Our course provides the foundation for a fantastic adventure and we’ll cover:

  • Preparing to travel
  • Good practice to stay safe
  • Communication – between young people and their parents/carers before they go
  • Emergency points of contact when away
  • Security – personal and property
  • Common sense
  • Cultural awareness
  • Where to stay
  • Planning
  • Risk assessing

At the end of the course, we want our young people to be ready for the adventure and their parents closer to waving them off happily than losing sleep for the duration of the trip!


You’ll find out why travel is a good idea, how you can do it in a gap year, what you need to know before you go, how to stay safe when you’re there and how to make the most of your time away.


Our experts come from across the globe and have covered many miles of it too. We’ve been there as young people ourselves or helped to prepare other young people or our own children for this exciting time of their lives.

We’ll share our stories, help you prepare and set you up for an amazing trip with amazing tips for a safe and truly memorable trip.


Our courses are interactive – full of discussion, questions, answers, debate and scenarios. We don’t talk at you from a slideshow, we don’t ask you to fill in forms – we ask you to step into the world of travel to think about being there, living it and being ready for what’s to come.

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Sharing what we know to provide knowledge and sound advice


Shining a light on opportunities and ideas


Giving the best we can to help young people take their next steps